Can Selfishness be Cured?

Can selfishness be cured?

2 Cor  5:151 is the cure for selfishness. The end of selfishness is the end of Satan’s reign; Satan rules the earth through selfishness. He is skillful at planting a simple, selfish thought which, when received by the mind and soul of human beings, brings them under his sway.2

Touch of evil.
Touch of evil.

This is Satan’s touch.3 The curse and the fatal flaw of mankind. This is where the soul can be touched and persuaded by evil – the areas that are bent toward pleasing self. Can selfishness be cured?

How can Selfishness be Cured?

Selfishness - all about me!
Can selfishness be cured?

Matt 6:31-334 Seeking first His kingdom and His righteousness is seeking the welfare of His people. The kingdom of God is made up of people who do the will of God, his brothers and sisters.5

This is not talking about “random acts of kindness,” this is laying down your life everyday6 to love your brothers and sisters7 and build up the body of Messiah.8

Can selfishness be cured by love?

Selfishness was being cured in the first century, can selfishness be cured today?

The context of Acts 2:449 and 4:3210 is the practical reality of how we no longer live for ourselves, no longer seeking after our own food, clothing and shelter, having been set free to focus on meeting the needs of our brothers and sisters since they are now taking care of your needs. If you are not free to devote yourself to taking care of the needs of your brothers and sisters everyday, then you are still under the power of the evil one who keeps the world in bondage to self-life.

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The good news is that you can be set free to love! Today, there are communities of spiritual brothers and sisters who have been and are being set free to no longer live for self. People are being cured of their selfishness!

Visit one of our communities today to see how the love of Messiah can cure you of selfishness!

The gospel brings you out of living for yourself, out of Satan’s reign of selfishness, and into the marvelous light11 of living for Yahshua by spending all your time and energy serving His brothers and sisters. Selfishness can be cured! The gospel is the cure for selfishness.